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What Are The Top Canadian Real Estate Blogs For 2016?
Posted on Sun, 15 May 2016, 11:40:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies
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If you are considering buying or selling a home in Canada in 2016, you will certainly need all the hot tips and helpful advice that you can lay your hands on. One of the defining features of the Internet is that it is a vast resource of information on every conceivable topic, very much including Canadian real estate. And one of the best ways to get advice on getting the most of a real estate deal is to check the many exciting and informative blogs that are available on the Internet for you to consult. Here's a list of some of the top Canadian real estate blogs for 2016. 

Vancouver Price Drop
If you live in the city of Vancouver and are interested in learning the daily fluctuations in price that the local real estate market is subject to, Vancouver Price Drop is here to be your one stop source for the latest information. Since its first appearance in 2012, the Vancouver Price Drop blog has been constantly updated with the on a weekly basis in order to give sellers the latest news on prices in the area. One of its most famous and reliable features is the weekly listing of the 30 properties whose prices have dropped most sharply during the stated period. 

The Red Pin
The Red Pin is one of the Toronto area's most prestigious and most often consulted real estate sites. You can log into the site, do a search for any area in thelader city, and view instantly all of the properties that are there to be rented or sold. In addition, you can just use the general listing feature to view all of the available properties at once, and then gradually zoom into specific locations at your leisure. The Red Pin is also home to a handy blog that is updated frequently with news, market projections, and helpful tips concerning how best to buy and sell property in the Toronto area. 

The Greater Fool 
Canadian economic, political, and financial expert Garth Turner has owned and operated his website, The Greater Fool, since 2005, making it one of the eldest and most trusted sources of real estate information throughout the country. The blog is not confined to any one area of Canada, nor is it necessarily always confined to the subject of real estate, but its sheer variety and wealth of information makes it a must read when you are searching for helpful advice and expert tips. 

Eximus is an extremely well written and prolific blog that focuses on the real estate market of Vancouver and its associated suburbs, such as Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, and White Rock. You'll find a wealth of demographics, price fluctuations, and other important statistics that relate to the day to day reality of each area. And you can use the site to get reports on local activities, such as real estate open houses and other goings on that will help you get a feel for the area you are hoping to purchase property in. 

Winnipeg Home Finder
The official blog for the Winnipeg Home Finder website contains a wealth of information that will satisfy the appetites of long time home owners and prospective real estate buyers for the latest market information. The blog is also home to a monthly podcast that contains even more recent and specific information concerning activities in the local Winnipeg real estate market. This is the premiere blog to be aware of if you are planning on buying or selling property in the city of Winnipeg.


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Strategic Landscaping for Household Energy Conservation
Saturday, 30 April 2016, 02:35:00 PM
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When you own a single-family home, there is normally some acreage dedicated to the exterior. From patios to wide-open lawns, your home's exterior plays a huge role in its curb appeal when you're attempting to sell it. However, you should still pay careful attention to your exterior even when you aren't selling in the near future. Add strategic plants to your yard in order to improve the home's overall energy consumption levels. It's possible to keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with the right plants just outside the door.

Evergreen on the West and East Sides
Every home has a slightly different orientation to the sun. Your windows might overlook the morning sunrise, which creates a hot interior before breakfast is served. In contrast, you may have the setting sun striking the west side of your home. To combat these hot conditions, you can add evergreen trees or bushes to either the west or east sides of your property. The sunrise or sunset light can filter through the branches, and your home will remain cooler during the warmer seasons. 

Deciduous Trees for Southerly Property Edge
An ingenious way to both warm and cool your home without an expensive HVAC system is through the use of deciduous trees on the property's south side. As fruittreespring and summer arrive, the trees are full of leaves that shade your home from blistering heat. You won't turn the air conditioner on as much with trees cooling the home with their natural coverage. With fall and winter approaching, the leaves die off and allow sunlight to warm your home at its low, seasonal angle. The furnace will only be used on those especially cold, winter days.

Blocking Northerly Winds
Canada is known for its Arctic winds that drop down from the north. These winds strike your home with all of their fury and cool the interior off in little time. Consider evergreen bushes on the north side of your property. As the winds strike the dense foliage, they're redirected up into the atmosphere. In fact, they may not strike the home at all. Although the outside temperatures may still be cold, you won't have the added wind chill factor to contend with as winter continues on.

Grassy Area Benefits
If you've ever lived in the city, you understand that paved roads surrounding concrete buildings generate an urban-heat pattern. You don't want that added heat around your property by keeping it plant-free. If you have a lawn, take good care of it because it's reducing your heating and air-conditioning costs. The grass blades are tiny shades that cool the ground. The hottest days aren't as warm when you have grass surrounding your home. Consider some professional lawn care appointments if your grass is suffering from any browning or thinning issues.

Considering Fruit Trees 
Planting trees in the right location is the best way to improve your home's energy use, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own food. Add your favorite fruit trees to the yard. Apples, cherries and other trees appreciate the Canadian climate. Once they're established, you'll have a tree that gives fruit nearly every year. When you want to sell your home, these food sources are perfect features for possible buyers.

Before you settle on any new tree or bush, read about their growing habits. Some root systems can be very aggressive so they shouldn't be planted near your home's foundation. Match the plant to a perfect yard location, and you'll have a beautiful exterior that also doubles as a functional household tool.


How May I Contact You?

Please ask me your question by filling out this form. You will receive an answer to your question at the first opportunity I have to reply. I appreciate the time you have taken.



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