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How To Sell Your Home When You Have Children
Posted on Thu, 30 Jun 2016, 12:40:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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It is not always easy to sell your home when you have children. The cleaning, packing and showings can become boring and stressful for your little ones. The toys and games may become distracting for your potential buyers. Use the following ideas to keep your children and buyers happy during the moving process.

childrenChoose The Right Realtor: It is important to choose a Realtor who has worked with clients that have children. A real estate professional who has worked with families will have experience in staging and preparing for an open house event. 

Get Your Children To Help Declutter: The first step in the moving process is to clear out the clutter. Get your children involved by asking them to help you with this task. Your child may fuss over getting rid of old toys or books, but it may help to explain how they can donate, recycle or even sell the items. They may jump at the opportunity to make a little money or donate their toys to children in need. You should also work with them to organize the items they plan to keep.

Encourage Them To Start Packing: Packing items you do not use often makes it easier to stage your home for an open house. Your children can start packing up seasonal apparel, extra bedding and toys they are not playing with right now. One idea to get them involved is to let them label and decorate their boxes. A few stickers and a box of crayons can go a long way during the moving process.

Stage For All Guests: You are going to show your home to buyers who do and do not have children. Buyers who do have children are sure to understand what you are going through. It may be hard for buyers without children to check out your home when there are toys all over the place. The best thing you can do is stage your home to appeal to everyone. You can start by putting their items in the toy box, drawers and closet until the open house is over. Remove their photographs and artwork from your refrigerator and walls. You can place them in a safe place until you are ready to move. 

Stage The Bedrooms: You are going to have to stage their bedroom to appeal to all buyers. It shows your potential buyers that they can use the bedroom for children or adults. Start by replacing the kid-themed paint or wallpaper with a neutral colour scheme. The next step is to remove the kid-friendly decor such as the princess night light or dinosaur rug. The toys and decor you usually keep out should be stashed away in the closet until the open house is over.

Prepare For Open House: It is important to work with your Realtor so you can schedule your showings in advance. You may want to schedule the open house in long morning or afternoon blocks. Use the time to plan a field trip to the park, library, movies or out to eat. You should also have a small pile of activities stashed away for those last minute showings. The activities may include colouring books, sticker books and games or movies on your tablet. The field trips and activities keep your children out of the way without causing them to feel bored.

It is important to keep both your children and buyers in mind when putting your home on the market. You can keep your little ones happy and still make a successful sale if you plan your move accordingly.

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Top 10 Tips for New Landlords
Posted on Mon, 29 Feb 2016, 11:00:00 AM  in Marketing strategies,  My services
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The real estate business is always considered lucrative. But, many people that venture into the business don’t understand that it also has its challenges, and if you don’t have the wits to manage your property tactfully, you may end up overwhelmed by its demands, or you may encounter problems of all sorts. The following ideas will help you to have a soft landing as a new landlord.

1. Screen your tenants
Before renting out your property, check the background, credit history, and references of your potential tenants. Haphazard tenant selection and screening can cause you immense problems as a landlord. You may end up with a tenant who pays late or doesn’t pay at all, who welcomes undesirable friends, or who trashes your place. To properly screen a tenant, use a written rental application.

2. Get it written
Use a month-to-month written lease to document vital facts about your relationship with your tenants. This agreement should include how and when to handle tenants’ problems and complaints, repairs, the notice you give to residents before entering the property, and any other important aspects of the relationship. For information about what to include in the document, do an online research, or check with the landlords association in your city.

3. Handle security deposits
Develop a fair system of setting, holding, collecting, and returning security deposits. Before a tenant moves into the rental unit, inspect and document the statelandlord of the unit. This will help you sidestep disputes over the security deposits when the tenant leaves.

4. Make repairs
You need to sort out the repair and maintenance needs. And, when requested, make the necessary repairs. If your estate is not kept in good condition, you will lose good tenants, and the tenants may gain the right to withhold the rent, sort out the repair issues, and deduct the repair charges from the rent. They may as well sue you for injuries due to defective conditions, and they may even move out without giving you the notice.

5. Provide secure premises
Don’t let your property and tenants to be an easy target for criminal activity. Assess the security of your units and take the necessary steps to protect your tenants. Usually, the best security measures such as trimmed landscaping and proper lighting are affordable.

6. Give a notice before entering
Your tenants have a right to privacy. And you need to notify them when you are planning to enter the rental unit. The notice should be as convenient as possible. The law requires that you give a notice of at least 24 hours before accessing the premises.

7. Disclose environmental hazards
If there are health risks such as mold or lead on the property, inform the tenants. Many landlords are continually being held liable for tenant health problems that result from environmental toxins in the rental premises.

8. Oversee managers
Select and supervise your property managers carefully. If a manager is incompetent or commits a crime, you will be forced to compensate your tenants financially. Thus, do a proper background check and clearly spell out your manager’s responsibilities to prevent problems in the long run.

9. Get insurance
As a landlord, you need to purchase the required liability or other types of insurance. A well-written insurance policy can protect you from tenant lawsuits due to injuries, discrimination, or losses of property due to burglary, fire, vandalism, or storms.

10. Resolve disputes
Try to resolve disputes with tenants without lawsuits or lawyers. If you have a conflict with your renter that involves deposits, rent, noise, your access to the property, repairs, or any other issue that does not warrant eviction, meet with the lessee to see if the matter can be fixed amicably in an informal manner. If this does not work, ask for a third-party mediator. They are often accessible for free or for an affordable fee from any public program.

Understanding your conduct and obligations as a landlord will help you to avoid many problems and lawsuits in future. Thus, follow these tips to ensure your work as an owner goes on smoothly.


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