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Tips for Decluttering Your Home for Sale
Posted on Fri, 15 Jul 2016, 10:55:00 AM  in Home selling tips,  My services
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If you're planning on selling your home in the next 6 months, you'll often be thinking of ways to fix the home like repairing cracks in the walls. This should be the same time you're considering a declutter as well. You don't want to take all the items that accumulate in the home with you to a new space. This is the perfect time to purge your home of unwanted items. It's also great for staging the home for selling. Buyers don't want to see all your clutter littering the space when they're trying to envision themselves there.

30 in 30 Challenge

To make the decluttering process more fun, you can challenge yourself to clear out one bag of clutter each day. It's a simple way to tackle an overwhelming chore. When you whittle away at the clutter over a month's period, you're less likely to give up on the decluttering process.

Stay Motivated

clean-roomIt can be difficult to stay motivated through a decluttering session. You'll have to visualize the end result, which is more money in your pocket after your home sells. This will help you keep the goal in mind as you spend boring hours declutter the space.

Three Containers

A great way to tackle a space like a bedroom closet is to have three containers or bags nearby for the organization part. One of the bags should be for trash or recycling. The second bag or container should be for items you want to keep. The third should be for donations. You have to be ruthless when clearing out the space. Each item has to land in a specific container. Donate items you don't wear or haven't worn in the past 3 months.

Gather Like Items Together

When you walk into a cluttered room, it can be tough to pick a place to start first. You can work from the top of the room down or left to right as you enter the space. Clear one area where you can pile like items together. If you have three places where you keep sweaters, it helps to gather them into one pile. It makes it easier to sort and throw away items when you can see them in one place.

Investigate the Groups

Once items are grouped together, whether it's books, pens, jeans or knick-knacks, you'll be able to decide what needs to be donated, what can be trashed and what you can't really live without. You'll also be able to see that you've actually accumulated more than you thought.

Avoid Renewed Clutter

It can be tough to fight clutter when you're disorganized. If you have no space for holding like items, they'll tend to begin to clutter again. With no designated space for mail, it will accumulate wherever you toss it. That could be the kitchen table, counters or on the dresser. Find a place for everything. Mail can be held in one container, and once that container is filled, it's time to deal with it by sorting and trashing.

Open, Empty Spaces

Many people feel like they're surrounded by their favorite things when everything is on display. In fact, when everything is on display, nothing is special. Don't be afraid to leave empty spaces on your shelves, counters and tables. Three great pieces are better than displaying twelve items that look chaotic. Buyers want to see clean, bright spaces when they look at your home. Clutter is dark, dingy and dusty, which will turn away buyers quickly.

Decluttering the home is essential for the process of selling it. You could also rent a storage unit while selling your home if you simply can't part with much of your collectibles and belongings.

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How To Sell Your Home When You Have Children
Posted on Thu, 30 Jun 2016, 12:40:00 PM  in Home selling tips
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It is not always easy to sell your home when you have children. The cleaning, packing and showings can become boring and stressful for your little ones. The toys and games may become distracting for your potential buyers. Use the following ideas to keep your children and buyers happy during the moving process.

childrenChoose The Right Realtor: It is important to choose a Realtor who has worked with clients that have children. A real estate professional who has worked with families will have experience in staging and preparing for an open house event. 

Get Your Children To Help Declutter: The first step in the moving process is to clear out the clutter. Get your children involved by asking them to help you with this task. Your child may fuss over getting rid of old toys or books, but it may help to explain how they can donate, recycle or even sell the items. They may jump at the opportunity to make a little money or donate their toys to children in need. You should also work with them to organize the items they plan to keep.

Encourage Them To Start Packing: Packing items you do not use often makes it easier to stage your home for an open house. Your children can start packing up seasonal apparel, extra bedding and toys they are not playing with right now. One idea to get them involved is to let them label and decorate their boxes. A few stickers and a box of crayons can go a long way during the moving process.

Stage For All Guests: You are going to show your home to buyers who do and do not have children. Buyers who do have children are sure to understand what you are going through. It may be hard for buyers without children to check out your home when there are toys all over the place. The best thing you can do is stage your home to appeal to everyone. You can start by putting their items in the toy box, drawers and closet until the open house is over. Remove their photographs and artwork from your refrigerator and walls. You can place them in a safe place until you are ready to move. 

Stage The Bedrooms: You are going to have to stage their bedroom to appeal to all buyers. It shows your potential buyers that they can use the bedroom for children or adults. Start by replacing the kid-themed paint or wallpaper with a neutral colour scheme. The next step is to remove the kid-friendly decor such as the princess night light or dinosaur rug. The toys and decor you usually keep out should be stashed away in the closet until the open house is over.

Prepare For Open House: It is important to work with your Realtor so you can schedule your showings in advance. You may want to schedule the open house in long morning or afternoon blocks. Use the time to plan a field trip to the park, library, movies or out to eat. You should also have a small pile of activities stashed away for those last minute showings. The activities may include colouring books, sticker books and games or movies on your tablet. The field trips and activities keep your children out of the way without causing them to feel bored.

It is important to keep both your children and buyers in mind when putting your home on the market. You can keep your little ones happy and still make a successful sale if you plan your move accordingly.

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Four Things Homeowners Should do Before Selling the Home
Posted on Mon, 30 May 2016, 11:45:00 AM  in Home selling tips
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Now that you have decided to place your home on the market, the real work begins. Before you can put a for sale sign in your front yard, you will need to put in a real effort to get your home ready for buyers. Here are four popular things that you should do to help the potential buyers come pouring in. 

The Less Clutter the Better 
Regardless of how long you have lived in your home, you are likely to have some type of clutter. Most of these items may have meaning to you, but the significance will not appeal to buyers. Therefore, now is the time to go through the clutter and donate the items you no longer need, throw away the clutter that cannot be donated, and sell anything that you believe will earn you some extra money. If there are big items in your home that you want to keep, you should place these large items in storage. By removing the clutter, you make the rooms in the home seem larger than what they truly are, which is the visual that you want to provide to buyers. 

Erase the Evidence of Pets 
Even though pets are great, you will need to get rid of the evidence that a pet lived in your house before you place the property on the market. While you havecheck become immune to the smell or mess that your pets create, a new home buyer will not have that same immunity. Potential buyers that walk thru your home before making a bid will see the fur, smell the smells, and notice any stains or wreckage that your pet has left behind. Therefore, doing whatever you can to remove the trace of your pet is an important step before selling your home. 

Here are some of the best ways to erase evidence of pets in your home:

• Repair fences 

• Shampoo or replace the carpet

• Air out the home

• Ask your neighbours or friends to pet sit while you are showing your home to potential buyers 

Make the Home Less About You 
You may be wondering how you can achieve this tip, but it is possible. When buyers come into your home, you want them to imagine themselves living in the house. You do not want buyers to be overwhelmed with your personal belongings, such as figurines that you collect, or photos of your family and friends. When you give buyers a clean slate to work with, they will be more likely to purchase the home. 

Keep in mind that scaling back the photos, removing the model cars, or packing up some of the collectible items does not mean you have to completely erase your existence from the home. Removing most of the personal items helps the home look less personalized, and it allows buyers to see themselves living in the property. 

Keep the Paperwork in Order 
This may not seem like a job to do before the home is placed on the market, but the paperwork can be crucial. Buyers will want to be assured that the home has been maintained for comfortable living. Therefore, they want to know:

• If the plumbing systems work well

• The average costs of utilities 

• Which appliances will stay 

• If the HVAC systems are up-to-date 

• and more… 

Answering these questions is not hard to do if you have the paperwork in order. This includes maintenance receipts, current utility bills, and other important paperwork that can give actual estimates, or show that the home has been well maintained. You can make a list of these things, along with the answers, and give this information to your Realtor. 

Remember that presentation is everything when it pertains to selling a home. By using the tips above, you could help increase your odds of coming out on top emotionally, and financially.

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What Are The Top Canadian Real Estate Blogs For 2016?
Posted on Sun, 15 May 2016, 11:40:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies
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If you are considering buying or selling a home in Canada in 2016, you will certainly need all the hot tips and helpful advice that you can lay your hands on. One of the defining features of the Internet is that it is a vast resource of information on every conceivable topic, very much including Canadian real estate. And one of the best ways to get advice on getting the most of a real estate deal is to check the many exciting and informative blogs that are available on the Internet for you to consult. Here's a list of some of the top Canadian real estate blogs for 2016. 

Vancouver Price Drop
If you live in the city of Vancouver and are interested in learning the daily fluctuations in price that the local real estate market is subject to, Vancouver Price Drop is here to be your one stop source for the latest information. Since its first appearance in 2012, the Vancouver Price Drop blog has been constantly updated with the on a weekly basis in order to give sellers the latest news on prices in the area. One of its most famous and reliable features is the weekly listing of the 30 properties whose prices have dropped most sharply during the stated period. 

The Red Pin
The Red Pin is one of the Toronto area's most prestigious and most often consulted real estate sites. You can log into the site, do a search for any area in thelader city, and view instantly all of the properties that are there to be rented or sold. In addition, you can just use the general listing feature to view all of the available properties at once, and then gradually zoom into specific locations at your leisure. The Red Pin is also home to a handy blog that is updated frequently with news, market projections, and helpful tips concerning how best to buy and sell property in the Toronto area. 

The Greater Fool 
Canadian economic, political, and financial expert Garth Turner has owned and operated his website, The Greater Fool, since 2005, making it one of the eldest and most trusted sources of real estate information throughout the country. The blog is not confined to any one area of Canada, nor is it necessarily always confined to the subject of real estate, but its sheer variety and wealth of information makes it a must read when you are searching for helpful advice and expert tips. 

Eximus is an extremely well written and prolific blog that focuses on the real estate market of Vancouver and its associated suburbs, such as Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, and White Rock. You'll find a wealth of demographics, price fluctuations, and other important statistics that relate to the day to day reality of each area. And you can use the site to get reports on local activities, such as real estate open houses and other goings on that will help you get a feel for the area you are hoping to purchase property in. 

Winnipeg Home Finder
The official blog for the Winnipeg Home Finder website contains a wealth of information that will satisfy the appetites of long time home owners and prospective real estate buyers for the latest market information. The blog is also home to a monthly podcast that contains even more recent and specific information concerning activities in the local Winnipeg real estate market. This is the premiere blog to be aware of if you are planning on buying or selling property in the city of Winnipeg.


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4 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal When Looking to Sell Your Home
Posted on Fri, 15 Apr 2016, 10:00:00 AM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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Making the decision to sell your home is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is a lot of hard work and time that goes into making sure you get what you want out of your home and the process goes as smoothly as possible. The last thing you want is to end up getting far less for your home than you deserve, especially if there was something you could have done to change that. To make sure you don’t end up losing out when you go to sell your home, consider doing these four simple things to help boost your curb appeal.

Paint the outside of your home
Imagine if you were to pull up to a home for sale and the paint on the outside of the home appeared faded, cracked and chipped. Would that make you want to see the inside? For many buyers, they form an impression of a home the minute they pull into the driveway. You want them to have a positive impression about the home and be open about seeing the rest of the property. Start off by painting the exterior of your home. Give it a clean look in a neutral color like a tan, dooryellow or white. This way it doesn’t turn away potential buyers.

Get a new door
Your door is the entryway to your home. You want it to appear as nice and well-kept as possible. The best way to do this is by either giving your door a fresh coat of paint or simply replacing it with a new one. You want to make sure the door is sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Also, make sure the door works with the rest of the home. You don’t want the door and the exterior of the home to clash.

Clean up the yard
No one wants to look at a home that has weeds growing everywhere around the yard. Hire someone to come in and do a thorough landscaping job for you if need be. This includes things like trimming the trees, planting new flowers, trimming the shrubs and so on. The key is making sure everything around the home is clean and well-kept. Get rid of any weeds or dead shrubs. Clean and tidy is the key to any good landscaping project. If you don’t have any shrubs or trees around your home, now might be the time to plant some. Professional landscaping companies can go through and draw you up a plan that highlights their ideas about what will look the best around your property.

Redo the driveway
Your driveway should be free from cracks and chipped cement. If possible, go through and have it resealed. If the driveway is too far gone, you want to tear it up and put a new one down. It makes sense that the driveway is going to sustain some degree of wear over the years, but you don’t want to leave it looking that way. Having a clean, fresh driveway will go a long way in what people think about your property. 

By going through the tips above, you can instantly transform the outside of your home and add to its curb appeal. People form an impression of the inside of your home before they ever step inside of the doorway. Do everything you can to make sure that impression is as positive as possible. This will help boost appeal and increase the overall selling price, not to mention get more people interested in your home in the first place. It doesn’t take much to transform the look of your home, but it will go a long way in the real estate market.


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How to Clean All Areas of Your Home Before an Open House
Posted on Tue, 16 Feb 2016, 10:30:00 AM  in Home selling tips,  Marketing strategies,  My services
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The open house is one of the most important steps you go through when selling a house. It gives buyers the chance to walk through each room, see the outside, get to know your city and get a general feel for your home. Long before those buyers visit your home, you need to make sure that it looks great and smells good too. While your real estate agent can give you tips on getting your home ready and staging each room, you'll also want to use some tips on cleaning your house.

Take Care of Clutter
There is a clear difference between clutter and mess. A cluttered home is one that has a lot of various items laying around on the floors, tucked underneath furniture and placed on shelves. A messy house is one that has dishes piled up in the sink, trash sitting around every room and feels like something that should be on Hoarders. Before the day of your open house, always walk through your home and find ways to take care of clutter. You might hold a big yard sale, moveopen items to a storage unit or even add some more storage to your home.

Clean the Floors
Something as basic as a small stain on the carpet caused by your son dropping his juice box might leave buyers looking closely for other stains. You should take the time to clean every type of flooring you have in your home. Clean hardwood with a wood cleaner that won't warp or leave behind a greasy residue, and use tile cleaner on any tiled floors. Your carpets may need more than vacuuming alone. Consider renting a carpet shampooer to remove stains, clean the carpets and remove any odours trapped in the padding or floorboards.

Wash and Seal Walls
You might remember to take out the trash, put away the dishes and clean up the messes your kids left behind, but you may not think twice about your walls. Those walls might have fingerprint stains, crayon or pencil marks from your kids and even grease stains. A simple solution of water and distilled white vinegar is often strong enough to cut through most stains. If you notice that your walls have a greasy scent or any other odours, now might be a good time to seal your walls.

Reduce Odours
As buyers walk through an open house, they can't help noticing any odours in the air and scents coming off your furniture. Those odours come from your pets, family, the cleaning products you use and even the foods you eat. There are a few ways you can get rid of odours, including cleaning your furniture, washing your drapes and window treatments and steam cleaning your floors. Using a room deodorizer or neutralizer can also help. These machines pull odours out of the air and leave behind a light and refreshing smell.

Do a Final Walk Through
The cleaning that you do means nothing if you don't do a final walk through in the hours before that open house. Walk through your home as if you were a buyer just seeing it for the first time. Look for things that might turn off those buyers, including dishes left piled up in the sink, an overflowing trash can or toys scattered all over the house. Use plug in air fresheners to give your home a soft but not overpowering scent, and put away as much as you can. Buyers attending open houses always prefer house that are clean and smell good.

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Renovation Tips For Home Sellers
Posted on Fri, 15 Jan 2016, 02:35:00 PM  in Home selling tips,  My services
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Renovating a home can help attract buyers, add to your home's value, and is sometimes necessary before a sale. However, renovating your home before putting it on the market is much different than renovating your home to live in. Firstly, many of the renovations that you will make as a home seller are geared towards attracting buyers and adding to the value of your home. These renovations will not necessarily be geared towards your taste as an individual, but they will need to appeal to the broadest range of buyers possible. 

Spend Wisely On Changes
The first thing, that you will need to do as a seller, is to decide a budget. This step can be difficult because you do not want to spend too little and have a home that does not stand out on the market. However, you also do not want to spend too much and flush your money down the drain. 

There are some general rules to stick to when renovating a home for the market. The first rule is not to spend more money that you can recover through the sale and never spend more on an area than the potential profit. Basically, if you are going to remodel a bathroom or recover a floor, make sure that the renovation will increase the value of the home by as much or more than the budget set for that job. Don't renovate a bathroom for $10,000 and add to the value of your home by $10,000. If you are going to renovate an area, you need to ensure that it is worth the trouble. 

Updating Kitchens And Bathrooms
For many markets, the kitchen and bathrooms should be the number one remodel priority. However, there are some urban markets, where real estate demand is so high that a remodel is not necessary to garner top-dollar or interest. Not including such areas, the needs of bathroom and kitchen remodels should outweigh the needs of other rooms. 

For many buyers, an updated, modern kitchen and a sleek, stylish bathroom are top draws. However, do not try to completely overhaul these areas. Look for renochanges that can be made that will update the look without a complete overhaul. Consider refacing the cabinets, changing the drawer pulls, and adding new fixtures. 

Adding stainless steel appliances can be an upgrade worth the cost. Many buyers will not even consider a property without stainless steel. Adding new appliance, may be a costly undertaking, but can pay off big in the end by making your home appealing to a wider range of buyers. 

Countertops are another renovation that can be costly. Get bids from area professionals and consider adding granite or quartz. If the price of high-end countertops is too much, consider adding a tile backsplash or similar feature to update the area for less money. 

Refinish And Save Money
One important thing to remember as a seller is that it is best to limit costs where you are able and refurbish rather than replace as much as possible. New floors can add as much as 15% to the value of your home. With this said, it is better to refinish rather than replace the floor if you are able, and keep as much money in your pocket as you can. 

Painting rooms is another way to attract buyers without spending a bundle. The simple rehab of old walls can modernize a home and attract a wider range of buyers. Don't skimp on the paint quality and hire a professional. A great paint job can add infinitely to your buyer appeal. However, a bad job will come off as sloppy and will not give a good impression to buyers. When choosing a color, stick with grays rather than tan or beige. Grays speak to modern buyers. Where as, tan will make your home look outdated. 

Ultimately, sellers should stick to upgrades that add to the home's appearance and not function. The appearance of a home is what buyers fall in love with. Where as, the homes function may only register with buyers on the peripheral. Additionally, there are some upgrade sellers should skip. Experts suggest skipping attic and basement renovations, as well as adding a deck or porch. These are upgrades that will prove costly and that buyers often prefer to do on their own. 


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The Importance Of Creating A Clean, Clutter-Free Environment When Selling Your Home
Posted on Fri, 01 Jan 2016, 02:20:00 PM  in Home selling tips

Whether you're ready to move right into your new house or have to wait until your current property sells, eliminating clutter throughout your abode is one of the best things that you can do to attract the attention of your targeted market. Clearing out your personal effects and freeing up space in storage areas will make your property significantly easier to offload. Following are several reasons why.

People Can Imagine Living In Your Home If It's Been Depersonalised

Clearing out clutter is not just about making the unit look clean. These efforts effectively depersonalise the property so that prospective buyers have the best ability to imagine themselves living there. Taking down family photos and eliminating quirky indoor design elements will create a space that functions like a blank slate. When visitors can actually envision themselves living in the abode, they can make a strong emotional connection with the property and they become more likely to make positive investment decisions.

clean homeStaging The Home Will Be Easier

Staging is not about creating a fully-decorated living environment or one that is filled with a wealth of personal features. It is actually the process of enhancing a unit with a few, key items that showcase its overall value and potential. While you might be tempted to use your own artwork and furnishings to stage your house, your agent may have other ideas entirely. Effective staging is minimal enough for keeping the space depersonalised but conspicuous enough for creating the appearance of an appealing living environment. You'll have a hard time achieving this delicate balance if you don't take the time to put the majority of your own belongings in store.

Establish Trust

Keeping your home filled to the brim with personal effects could make prospective buyers think that you have something to hide. Massive floor rugs, towering bookshelves and other elements could be concealing water damage, stained flooring or other costly issues that detract from the value and overall integrity of the structure. People want to see what they're investing in. Giving buyers a clear view of the property and all of its available features is therefore a great way to build trust.

Start Breaking Your Own Emotional Attachment

It is not uncommon for seller's remorse to rear its head during these endeavours. People grow attached to their homes, especially if they've spent years or even decades raising families in them. Moving your personal effects out of your abode will finalise your commitment to selling. It will also show others that you are actually ready to go through with this deal and are unlikely to back out at the last minute.

Give Buyers A Clear View Of The Available Storage Space

Most home buyers are interested in getting ample storage space. You can't really flaunt the available storage in your home if it is filled to the brim with games, linens, collectibles and other items. These areas must be cleaned out in order to allow buyers to make their own diligent inspections. Evidence of ample storage can make a property infinitely more appealing.

Moving gives sellers the opportunity to make a fresh start. In addition to storing your personal items, you can also host a yard sale or make a donation of unwanted goods to a local charity. Selling items or giving them away will limit the costs of these essential, clean-up efforts.

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Popular kitchen Ideas for 2016
Posted on Wed, 09 Dec 2015, 09:35:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips

Kitchens are unquestionably one of the most important areas of a home. They are the core of today's home. Multiple functions take place in the kitchens of today. Therefore, you want your kitchen to be modern, as well as offer convenience and style. The latest kitchen design ideas incorporate new features that enhance the kitchen's functionality. Even if you are not ready to completely overhaul your kitchen, a few small updates will add a more modern style.



Kitchen designs are becoming more functional. Popular kitchen ideas for 2016 put as much emphasis on function as they do on the kitchen's form. Homeowners want kitchens that are convenient and multifunctional. Comfortable working spaces and casual dining are highly sought-after. Multipurpose peninsulas, kitchen islands, and breakfast bars that incorporate space-saving designs are popular. Features, such as slide-out towel bars, pull-out waste cans, and pull-down shelves offer both convenience and functionality. When space is limited, innovative storage options and clever space savers make the best use of this limited space.


Gray Color Scheme

Gray was one of the hottest colors in home designer's color palettes for last year. This trend will likely continue into 2016. Gray is so much more modern than itchenbrowns, beiges, and camels that were quite popular over the last decade. Kitchen designers predict that gray replace these colors in the kitchen and that gray will be a popular shade for kitchen cabinets. Combining different color cabinets are also becoming more popular.


Colorful Hues for Sinks

A kitchen sink is a great way to add a pop of color to a kitchen. Trendy sinks include eye-catching colors, such as lime green. Designers are coordinating sink colors with backsplashes. These bold colors naturally draw the eye in to make this area the focal point of the kitchen. Be sure that your kitchen appears modern by balancing bold colors with light neutral tones, such as gray.


Bold Fixtures and Modern Architecture

Give your kitchen a bold upgrade. Today's kitchens are all about bold, colorful looks. Choose minimalistic faucet styles for a trendy modern look. Oversized light fixtures give a sense of drama and depth to a kitchen. Adding to the contemporary feel, bold yet simple drawer and cabinet hardware will create a modern feel.


Increase Kitchen Storage

Today's kitchens feature space saving designs. They double up on storage space through creative designs. Cleaver multi-tiered doors create additional space. Vertical drawers take advantage of otherwise wasted wall space. These types of drawers also work well for those small items that are difficult to store, such as spices.



The kitchen of today features technology that makes your life easier. The current trends in kitchens are focused on smart technology. Homeowners are incorporating charging stations into their kitchen design. These charging stations bring functionality into the kitchen while complementing the décor. Sensors alert your smartphone when dinner is ready. Hands-free faucets offer convenience, especially for little ones who can't reach the faucet. A Bluetooth-enabled cooker allows you to connect to your phone, search recipes, and integrate the suggested cooking times and temperatures so that your food comes out perfect each and every time.


There are small ways that you can add automation and convenience to your kitchen in 2016 without breaking the bank. Lowes offers a reasonable DIY home automation system that is customizable for your needs and easy to install. This system allows you to keep food frozen, monitor cabinets to prevent little ones from getting into things that they shouldn't, and illuminate the kitchen when you walk downstairs for a midnight snack.


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Selling Your Home Through A Realtor
Posted on Tue, 27 Oct 2015, 09:35:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  My services

To use a Realtor or to sell "by owner?" That's the question. Why pay another person to do something that you're perfectly willing, and perfectly capable of doing yourself?

Realtors simply provide a professional service, no different than any other service provided by any other professional. Some people love cleaning their home. Others prefer hiring a professional to do it. Some people like the challenge of educating their own kids. Others think that best left to professional teachers. Some people represent themselves in court. Others retain the services of a lawyer.

If you believe you can sell your own home just as effectively as a Realtor could, and you're willing to make the effort, why not try? But before you decide, take some time to consider exactly what a Realtor provides.

*Experienced Market Knowledge
Pricing a home is one of the most important factors determining how quickly, or whether a house sells. Anyone can compare home prices on the Internet. But a licensed Realtor has access to a wealth of current and historical information, and the experience to be able to interpret that data in ways that will help price your home correctly. That alone is worth the price of commission.

*An Expert Plan
A professional Realtor has likely been in tens of thousands of homes over the years. That Realtor will be able to quickly assess exactly what needs to be done tosalesagent get your home ready to sell then help you stage the home, prepare for showings, and plan for every phase of the experience, from open house to inspections to appraisals and beyond.

*Professional Marketing
Realtors have professional photographers, videographers, graphic designers and writers at their disposal who are experts in conveying to potential buyers the essence of your beautiful home. They also have access to a network of websites, print publications and social media outlets, all of which will be put to work 24-7 to get your home sold. In addition, when you hire a Realtor, your home becomes known to everyone in that Realtor's sphere of influence. What can you do to compete with that, besides personal websites and a sign in the lawn? Yes, that still may work, but successful marketing is about scientifically targeting qualified buyers and maximizing the possibilities.

*Instant Legitimacy
For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) statistically tend to be overpriced, more difficult to view, and take longer to close. Many experienced buyers and buyer's agents simply will not work with FSBOs for those reasons.

*Flexibility in Showings
When you sell your home yourself, you have to be home for every showing. Any lack of availability can jeopardize the sale. With a Realtor, you never need to worry about showings. They will be scheduled and planned in advance, and modern digital lockboxes allow for flexible access to a home, and track every person who comes and goes. A Realtor can arrange to have your house shown any day at any time, and can then follow up digitally for feedback following each showing.

*Emotional Distance
Listening to the complaints of customers as they tour your home can be heartbreaking. A Realtor provides a filter through which only constructive comments make it to the homeowner.

*An Experienced Negotiating Partner
When an offer comes in, an expert negotiator can save you thousands of dollars, both in the original negotiation as well as during the inspection and appraisal.

*Guidance From Start to Finish
When you hire a Realtor to sell your home, you have a professional who is fully invested in making sure you succeed, and that every phase of the process goes smoothly and efficiently.


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